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Developing treatments for chronic diseases
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Management Team

Tony Giordano, Ph.D

President & CEO

Dr. Giordano is a co-founder and President and CEO of TheraVasc. He has held senior management positions at six separate biotechnology companies, including Message, Nucleonics and Alteris, where he has been involved in business planning, licensing, directing research and development efforts, fundraising and financial management. He is a consultant/advisor to three venture funds, a consultant to the Biomedical Research Foundation, and was recently appointed by the Governor of Louisiana to the Innovation Council. Dr Giordano has secured over $6M in federal funding for the Companies he has managed and has 11 issued and a number of pending patent applications. Before beginning his career in biotech, Dr. Giordano was a senior scientist at Abbott Laboratories.

Chris Kevil, Ph.D

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Kevil is a co-founder of TheraVasc and is currently working with the Company part-time as its Chief Scientific Officer, providing expertise in vascular physiology and pathology. His research is focused on the relationship between inflammation and vascular growth and function, and his seminal work has revealed detailed mechanistic relationships between angiogenesis and inflammation, making him an internationally recognized expert in inflammatory vascular pathology. Dr. Kevil currently serves on the editorial boards of several prestigious journals, inlculding Cardiovascular Research, American Journal of Physiology, Free Radical Biology and Medicine, Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, and the Open Pathlogy Journal. Dr. Kevil has received several research awards and honors.

Amol Soin, MD, MBA

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Soin is chairman and founder of The Ohio Pain Clinic – a network of free-standing chronic pain management facilities in southwestern Ohio focused on non opioid based treatments for chronic pain. He brings a wealth of experience in research, development, biotech angel investing, and regulatory matters to TheraVasc. Currently, he is a physician representative to Medicare via the Clinical Advisory Committee for Ohio and Kentucky. Additionally, he has held several key leadership positions in various statewide and national medical societies including President of the Ohio Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, President – Elect of TriState Pain Society and was appointed by Governor Kasich to the Ohio Medical Board in 2012 to a 5 year term. Dr. Soin has authored several papers, textbook chapters, abstracts, and served as a primary investigator for clinical research. He is also the founder and CEO of a biotech angel investment firm and has experience creating viable medical products from bench research. Dr. Soin serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Wright State University Medical School. He was selected as one of America’s Top Doctors in Pain Management from 2006 – present, and has won multiple awards for research and patient care. He has also won the “Patients Choice Award” and the “Top Doctors and Patient Choice Award” multiple times for his region. Dr. Soin trained at the Cleveland Clinic, and currently he is an active practicing physician who sees patients that suffer from painful peripheral artery disease, diabetic neuropathy, and poor wound healing on a daily basis. He also serves on the Board of Directors.